This gift could buy a three-seater sofa for a family

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This gift will help Shelter fight bad housing and homelessness.

When people donate homeware and furniture to our shops, we use some of it to create Homestarter Kits.Our staff give these kits to people who have recently experienced homelessness and need to make their home safe, secure, and comfortable.When Shelter helps find someone a place to live, itÕs only the first step in the journey. Through our Homestarter initiative, we can help a family to find a nice three-piece sofa to put in their living room. Gifts like this one make it all possible.

  • card as shown.
  • left blank for handwritten personalisation.
  • printed in the UK
  • 140mm x 140mm,100gsm

The proceeds of these gifts wonÕt be restricted to funding our Homestarter Kits Ð weÕll allocate funding to where itÕs most needed. It might pay for a webchat for someone in a housing emergency, it could answer an urgent call to our helpline, and it might even fund a campaign to change government policy. One thingÕs for sure: these gifts will help change lives.

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